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Diabetic Donut: How I Reversed Type 2 Diabetes: My most recent eBook (featured on the Home page!).

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N’Spirational Conversations, 1 & 2: 

These daily inspirational messages were written as a way of reminding myself of the greatness that is within me. They are simply conversations I have with myself. This is my form of therapy. It also keeps me writing on the daily basis. Writing has always been my first love, my passion. Spirit reminds me that I can’t keep all my writings to myself. I hope you appreciate reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Sometimes I did not always want to write them, but this was one of the ways for me to stay true to my word, regarding consistency in my writing. So if something touches you in a special way, or offends you, be reminded that this is not personal. You simply benefit from my private therapy sessions with myself. Every conversation you encounter, hopefully will be an N’Spiration Conversation.

Online special : both N’Spirational Conversations for $20/each w/ FREE shipping! 

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Mindfulness Breakthrough System Box Set: 

Based on my Mindfulness Breakthrough seminars, this box set will help you achieve mindfulness. Do it on your own time, on your schedule! CDs, Manual Books included. $20/each

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21-Day Mindfulness Journal: 

Beginner’s guide and journal to Mindfulness = start your journey to mindfulness now with this guide (journal included). $20.00

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