Zelda Robinson has received praise and a range of accolades from everyday internet comments to prestigious institutions such as The National Council of Negro Women – Chicago Midwest Section, City of Chicago, and more. Scroll below to view some of the noteworthy testimonials. You can find more here.



Dear Zelda,

On behalf of Motorola Inc. Cellular Subscriber Sector, I would like to sincerely thank you for such a wonderful workshop on Networking Skills that you conducted at our recent employee diversity council meeting. Your presentation style, enthusiasm and enlightening, practical exercises helped reinforce the tips and skills of successful business interactions.

I would also like to personally thank you for arranging the presentation on such short notice. You came through for us when needed and pleasantly provided much more than what we asked during your workshop. You can be assured that we will highly recommend you to other Motorola business divisions as well as other companies looking for a dynamic, exciting motivational business speaker.   We look forward to your return back to Libertyville at some point later in the year.


Donald Carter
Senior Human Resources Manager, Asia Group
Motorola, Cellular Subscriber Sector



Dear Ms. Robinson,

The staff of European American would like to thank you very much for your presentation at our meeting last weekend. We were all challenged with the weather and were glad you could accommodate quickly. All of the staff in the crowed was very interested and pleased with the presentation.

Your message about the need to focus in our daily lives was a message that touched me deeply. My hope is that I can remember your great points and hold on to those thoughts every day. Also the deep breathing exercise you demonstrated was something that is easy enough do but we lose “focus” in our daily activities. And of course, the recording of the meeting, thank for bringing us to the world of television.

Once again, thank you so much for your participation. You are a true team player. As an old friend of EAA, we would like you to join us in our new activity on June 24th. Please bring as many friends as you want too.


John Herman
Executive Director

European American Association

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National Council of Negro Women Chicago Midwest Section
P.O. Box 4462   Chicago, Illinois 60680-4462
WWW. Chicagooncnw.org

“Leave No One Behind”

Dear Zelda:

Thank you for hosting as our Mistress of Ceremony for our 4th Annual Women Making History Awards Reception which was held,  on the Westside of Chicago at the Homan Square Community Center, 3559 W. Arlington, Chicago Illinois 60624. Please email us a list of your books because it was so busy that we all didn’t get a chance to review them, as we wanted too. However, we want to support you and purchase few. Please email the list to Rosie at  wsafechild@aol.com.

The energy you brought to the program truly touched our spirits. We will highly and gladly recommend you to other groups and organizations.


Annetta Wilson, President

NCNW Chicago Midwest Section

National Council of Negro Women Chicago Midwest Section


Dear Ms. Robinson,

Thank you for participating in the 8th Annual V-103’s expo for today’s Black Woman.

Each year we strive to provide the most current information for our attendees. This year we successfully achieved a dynamic mix of speakers and topics. Our expo presenters, both national and local, were a hit and delivered the most up-to-date information and resources for African American women and their families.

On behalf of V103 Radio and Merry Green Promotions Group, we thank you for being available to do your part in educating and motivating the African American community. We hope that the experience was memorable for you and invite you to continue with us, in spirit, as we continue our guess to provide avenues for uplifting our community.

Once again, we thank you for your participation and patronage and wish you much-continued success.

All the best,

Merry Green

Creator/Executive Producer

V-103’S Expo for today’s Black Woman

V103 Expo For Today’s Black Woman


Commonwealth Edison Company
Technical Center
1319 South First Avenue
Maywood, IL 60153-2496

Dear Zelda,

It was a pleasure to have you present at our meeting in December. Your talk seemed to set the tone for the rest of our meeting. Our team needed professional from outside of the company to heighten our awareness and commitment to training. Again, your presentation was very enjoyable and the timing as perfect for our group.


Tami Creal
T&D Operations Training

Commonwealth Edison Company

Dear Ms. Robinson:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting the Major’s Office of Employment (MET) at our annual Job held on April 7, 1998. It would have been extremely difficult to serve the thousands of job seekers without your help and the valuable information disseminated at your presentation.

The valuable support we received from people such as yourself reinforces the city’s logo: “Chicago Works Together”.

Again, please accept my personal thanks and appreciation. We are enclosing a Certificate of Appreciation for your efforts.

Maritza Marrero
Executive Director
Major’s Office of Employment and Training 


City of Chicago

My experience seeing higher learning network up close was an experience of a lifetime. I had the opportunity to see how HLN helps the youth and adults in the community with their expansion of helpful resources. HLN not only help the community but it shows that they care about the problems in today’s world as well as training the youth and adults in different situations and training them in the direction that he or she is trying to go.”

Destine Lewis, Chicago, IL


“I am Thankful for the people God place in my Life. My training experience with the Higher learning Network was a fulfillment of understanding how to reach out and help people in your daily life. We have many chooses in life, we could choose to be kind, gentle, Patience and loving. Higher Learning Network, helping people in need thru donations from food banks, clothing, Furniture etc. Also reaching out to large Companies that assist and donate to non-profit organizations. Zelda Robinson of the Higher Learning Network provided information to my Church,(New Mount Pleasant Church), which consist of applying for the Exempt (E) Number 5013C, sales & Property tax exemption and how to get free grants thru the Grant Resource Manuel listing that helps non-profit organizations. I so greatly and thankful for the opportunity at Higher Learning Network.”

Gloria Jones Thomas, Chicago, IL
“It is a pleasure to be a volunteer with the European American Association where I met Zelda Robinson, who also volunteers there weekly. We sincerely appreciate all the work you do for the community and my grandkids had a ball at the zoo last year. We could not have done it without you! Thank you again.”

Alfred Stephanovich, European American Association

“It is with great pleasure that I write this note of appreciation for all the great things you do for the higher learning network. I am honored to be a Producer with the organization and look forward to being with HLN-TV for the next 20 years or so. As a person of limited mobility, I am so grateful that you all allow me to do the work I do, even though it may be limited. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Charles Nelson Video Editor HLN-TV


Higher Learning Network Reception