Are You Feeling Tired, Sluggish and Unhealthy? You Could Be Diabetic!


Diabetic Donut: How I Reversed Type 2 Diabetes is one of many published works by Zelda Robinson. She describes the epiphany that was the book’s title came to her after several edits, popping into her head like magic – and she hopes you enjoy it!

Below is a small excerpt from the Introduction, shedding some insight as to how she came upon the idea for the book:

“Diabetic Donut came to me out of nowhere, when I got quiet and asked for direction on this project.  I sat and asked my higher power (I chose to call God) to give me a new title.  The original title was Diary of a Mad Ex-Diabetic.  As much as I love the work of Media Mogul Tyler Perry, I didn’t want to be a copycat!  I needed something original.  I shared the title with my Branding Specialist (Petrushka Pavlovich, Queen of Blogs on Facebook) and she loved it!

I use the term Diabetic Donut because it reminds me of the hole I get inside when I discovered I was diabetic!   It still disturbs me today to think that if most diabetics knew what I have learned, (and put a plan together) the Diabetic Community (type 2 anyway) would decrease tremendously.”

This book is an exploratory journey encompassed by moments of reflection all while sharing an honest and somewhat painful account of overcoming adversity. If my cake/pie/cookie eating alter ego can REVERSE TYPE 2 Diabetes, YOU CAN TOO!

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